.22 Long Rifle

Model: Scout


Weight: 3.0 oz.

Length: 6.5 inches

Thread: 1/2 – 28 TPI

Warranty: Full Lifetime Replacement Warranty

MSRP: $300

Includes: Outer tube, silencer element, end cap and a set of machined assembly tools.


Quiet Arms silencers are made of the very finest materials available in the industry. We cut no corners on material or anywhere in the manufacturing process. We make our silencers to last a lifetime. Throughout the materials selection process and the manufacturing process, we take painstaking measures to insure that the final result is the best quality available… period.


Unlike many others, our silencers are easy to disassemble for cleaning. The inside of a silencer gets dirty from powder residue and should be cleaned. Our silencers are easy to clean and can be kept in perfect condition.


If you perform an honest, apples-to-apples, comparison, you will see that Quiet Arms silencers will stack up to or outperform any other silencer on the market.